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What Clients Have Said

Before I came to Healing Heartz Therapy Solutions, I was convinced that I would never find the right therapist for me. It was hard for me to find someone that understood me and my struggles. It is comforting to have a Therapist that celebrates in my accomplishments and helps me through my struggles the way that Healing Heartz Therapy Solutions has. I am extremely grateful to them for guiding our family through an extremely challenging time. Their professionalism is a breath of fresh air and comforting. I am so thankful that my Primary Care Physician referred me to them.

Yvetta Thomas

Ms.Shorts is one of the best therapists that i’ve had. She has helped me so much in regards to my emotions towards school and helping me express myself in various activities and games. She is very professional and friendly with getting to know her clients. Even though we aren’t seeing each other anymore, she still has made it so I can give her updates on my life, as well as her being someone I can talk to when I need to.


 I met Jaquita while employed for a child welfare agency. She was approachable; empathetic; easy to talk to; professional and hardworking. She cares about the human soul. She wants the best for each individual she counsels. I thank God for my relationship with her. If your in need of any service I promise you’ll be satisfied with her services! Congrats my friend!

Donna Tucker

What an amazing experience I’ve had during my time with Miss Shorts. I really felt like she cared about my issues. The compassion, empathy, and heart felt solutions offered to help me get to a real resolve. Was nothing short than amazing. If you are looking for a place to get real world, practical applications to resolve real life problems. Where your not treated like income. Don’t hesitate utilizing Healing Heartz services. I would recommend Miss Shorts, to the world.


Ms. Shorts, is a knowledgeable professional who creates a comfortable environment that empowers personal growth.


I’ve been utilizing Jaquita’s services for a couple of months now. I found her through a Google search. After reading her reviews, I decided to give her a try. I’ve enjoyed each of our sessions and left with a weight lifted off of my shoulders. She is a great listener and gives rational, easy to apply steps that can be referenced later down the road. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who’s searching for a solid, consistent therapist.
Would recommend: Yes


I look forward to my sessions with Ms. Shorts! She made me feel extremely comfortable and I was able to open up with instantly! I loved the thought provoking questions Ms. Shorts posed to me and how attentive she is. You can see that she genuinely cares about the best version of you.
Would recommend: Yes


Covid -19 forced us to seek therapy. So happy we found Healing Heartz Therapy Soulutions. Online counseling provided us a safe space for me and my partner to discuss our issues. We got the help we desperately needed at an affordable price from the comfort of our own home.

Maria and Joseph

 I started therapy with Ms. Shorts shortly after the death of my 4 years old grand daughter, Nia. Ms Shorts is kind, caring, professional, and knowledgeable . She was instrumental in helping me navigate my grief and complicated family relationships compounded by the arrival of Covid 19 which brought so much isolation and changes. The ongoing process of inner healing and positive family relationship has been greatly enhanced by the skilled care I received from Ms Shorts.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I believe having the right counselor is key to achieving healing. The process to find the right counselor can be tedious and discouraging. With Ms Shorts, it was easy and smooth. I knew I did not have to look any further after one session with her.

Natacha B.

Mrs. Shorts is the best of the best! She really help me understand myself better. She taught me how to become more patient with my children and to calm myself before the storm. She is a great listener and I would recommend her to any and everyone!! She is just ah-mazing!!!


Best and only therapist I’ve ever had! There’s definitely been a change in life for me since starting.

Airielle N.

Ms. Shorts was very patient and showed compassion during the many sessions. Her dedication to helping others and professionalism was refreshing.


The service was excellent. My counselor is amazing!!!!!!


 I truly enjoyed working with Jaquita. She really helped me during a difficult time in my life. Her empathy, patience, and welcoming demeanor is unmatched!


Ms. Jaquita has been great help to me. She's professional yet personable and that feel me comfortable about discussing my issues. She listened to what was going on in MY WORLD to help me sort through MY stress and fears. I am very satisfied with the progress I have made since Ms. Jaquita has been my therapist.


Jaquita came at a time in my life where things were getting bad in my relationship. She helped me build trust, boundaries and explore my self esteem. I have grown in my personal life and in my marriage because of her help.


For a while I was stuck in a difficult place with my career. Not knowing what path to take and not understanding my full potential. I met Jaquita and she pulled the potential out of me and gave me guidance I needed to explore career options and brought out my entrepreneurial skills. I simply love her!!!


I worked with Ms. Jaquita Shorts who offered excellent suggestions and strategies to help me address my issues. She has a very calm and reassuring presence that made me feel comfortable expressing my feelings. She also has a good sense of humor which also put my at ease. Given her level of professionalism and knowledge, I would definitely recommend her!

Jason Davis

I would like to leave a review for Jaquita Shorts. My husband and I worked with her for family/marriage counseling. She gave homework assignments and in session assignments that kept our work productive and interesting. We highly recommend Ms. Shorts!

Lashonda W.

I was nervous about talking to someone about my problems that I didn’t know, but Ms. Shorts is AMAZING!!! I love her.


AWESOME therapy services & assistance with growth in ( severe emotional difficulties) experience through Ms Short therapeutic interventions! My two foster daughters are VERY THANKFUL for Ms Shorts therapy services! Highly recommended
Would recommend: Yes


My experience has been nothing but AMAZING! I have always felt comfortable to share whatever I needed to share. It is always an welcoming and peaceful environment. Ms. Shorts is truly amazing!! She comes highly recommended. Since I have been seeing her it has been an awesome experience and I have seen so much growth in myself. She has had an huge impact on helping me cope with the challenges on my job and at home. If you book you next appointment with her you will be making a life changing step into the right direction.

Mrs. E. Taylor

I absolutely love Ms. Shorts and I always look forward to my sessions with her. She’s professional and relatable and it feels good to get things out. We’re able to laugh in the process which is very helpful in itself. I love that we can dig deep yet she still encourages me to go at my own pace. Super glad I found her!


 Ms. Shorts is a life saver. She is professional and very personable. She was always a call away for me and my family. I’ve cried and laughed with her. She is one of the best!

Brittany Lewis

Miss Shorts is amazing! As a Young Black Man, I was very hesitant to start therapy and even more apprehensive to open up. We’re told to be strong and never cry or sweat, but that’s not possible. When I sat down and truly dove into certain issues, you start to uncover other hurts and pains that you may have forgotten about. When I sat down with Miss Shorts, I put her through the ringer (or tried to). I tried to deflect, I tried to down play scenarios and brush some issues to the side because “they’re not that serious” or don’t really matter. She wouldn’t accept that and forced me to dig deep and she continues to request a deeper and more clear meaning for myself and what I’m looking at. I walked into my first therapy session thinking I didn’t need it and found out I needed so much more. She’s a great therapist who is here to help you become a better you.

​​Jarvis Mills

Ms. Shorts helped my marriage in so many ways. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and we were not learning how to grow together and communicate to each other. In a short period of time, she was able to help us communicate better and realize to rekindle our marriage.

Mrs. Bailey

 Ms. Shorts is such an amazing therapist. Prior to being one of her clients I'd gone to two other therapists before and after my first visit with them, I felt so discouraged about seeking counseling. However, I truly believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state so after some time I attempted to try to seek assistance again. After reading a short bio about Ms. Shorts I knew I'd found the best therapist for me. After each visit with her, I felt so relieved because she actually listened, showed compassion and patience, and offered guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to Healing Heartz Therapy Solutions if you are looking to become the best version of yourself!!


I started seeing Ms. Shorts at the beginning of this year, I immediately felt the kindness and respect during our sessions. I've made so much progress in my healing journey and finding Ms. Shorts was a vital part of that process. I recommend her services to anyone who is taking ownership of the mental health and ready to live a life of wholeness and health.

Jennifer N.

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